Grand Challenges Color Palette

Web/Digital Palette

The color palette for the Grand Challenges social designs utilize a portion of the colors from the UT System’s web/digital color palette. These colors are a combination and variations of UT’s primary and neutral color palettes that have been selected for accessible contrast.

ColorNameHEX valueRGB value
Tennessee Orange#FF8200RGB (255,130,0)
Smoky Mountain Gray#58595BRGB (88, 89, 91)
Smoky Mountain X#333333RGB (51, 51, 51)
White#FFFFFFRGB (255, 255, 255)
Pebble X#F3EFECRGB (243, 239, 236)

For more information about the UT System primary and digital color palettes and their usage, visit

Campus Palette

The UT System is made up of five distinct campuses, two institutes and other units across the state. Each campus is represented in the UT System brand guide by colors selected from campus brands.

Use of the campus palette in System communications is limited to coordinating content which references a campus with its respective color in addition to the System’s primary, neutral and accent palettes.

In the grand challenge social designs, the campus color palette is used for graphic elements like the footer banners in post design and post navigation.

ColorNameHEX valueRGB value
Tennessee Orange#FF8200RGB (255,130,0)
UT Chattanooga Gold#EAAA00RGB (234, 170, 0)
UT Southern Red#C8102ERGB (200, 16, 46)
UT Martin Navy#0A2240RGB (10, 34, 64)
UTHSC Green#115740RGB (17, 87, 64)