Brand Voice and Tone


How our brand comes across is known as our voice and tone. While tone varies depending on who we’re engaging, how we’re engaging them and what we’re hoping to achieve—our voice should remain the same.

At the University of Tennessee: 

  • Our voice is Wise. Not arrogant. 
  • Our voice is Driven. Not aggressive.   
  • Our voice is Courageous. Not rash. 
  • Our voice is Ambitious. Not ruthless. 
  • Our voice is Gracious. Not diplomatic.     
  • Our voice is Committed. Not forceful.   
  • Our voice is Engaged. Not controlling. 


The tone of our communications changes depending on audience, platform and purpose. However, generally we strive to strike the right balance of speaking to our audience, using plain language void of jargon and using shorter words and fewer of them.

To learn more about the University of Tennessee’s brand voice and tone visit: